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What does ‘Wana’ mean?

1. (noun) excitement, thrill, exhilaration, fervour, verve, gusto, zeal, zest, passion, energy, sparkle, liveliness, pizazz.

2. (verb) to be exciting, thrilling, inspiring, stimulating, moving, rousing.

3. (verb) to bud, shoot (of a plant), sprout, come to life.


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Become an awesome Sponsor!

Some nice things people have said about us...

Congratulations Tia and your amazing team…. looking forward to being a part of this years reimagined STEM Festival…. love your passion to bring STEM to life to inspire the next generation of STEM heros!

Chief Science Officer at Comvita Limited

Awesome work team and look forward to working with the team and supporting in the future ! Your little idea Tia Lush has certainly evolved! Love yours, and the teams work to celebrate the STEM past, present and future!

CEO Stratus Blue

Oh yayyyy, and so well deserved! An amazing event from the get go that you have fabulous plans to build on. Well done you guys! x

Creative Bay of Plenty