STEM Wana Trust – Vaccine Mandate Statement for Events

This is a working document and more information will be added as further guidance becomes available.

Updated – 13 September 2022

Let’s keep our whānau and community safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our community in many ways over the last couple of years. At STEM Wana Trust we have been working hard to continue to deliver events to the high standard expected of us, while also keeping our whānau and community safe. 

STEM Wana Trust’s official decision on a vaccination policy

Our priority has always been to provide a safe environment for our team, STEM whānau, suppliers, contractors and visitors.

Recent Government health advice and removal of the Protection Framework “Traffic Lights” system has prompted a review of both SWT’s health and safety risk assessment and Vaccination Policy. 

As a result of this review, we have changed our COVID protection measures effective from Tuesday 13 September 2022.

This includes event spaces (used for workshops, classes, tutorials, meetings), Tinkd Makerspace sessions, and our offices at Basestation.

Who will this apply to?

SWT no longer requires visitors, volunteers, members, event participants to our office or event venues to show proof of vaccination on arrival.

Why is the Trust adopting this policy?

It’s important to us that we are doing everything we can to keep our team and those we interact with as safe as possible from COVID-19. We will continue to encourage using key control measures such as mask wearing and social distancing to prevent and limit the spread of the virus, but this will not be mandatory.

How will the Trust implement this policy?

The Trust will follow the Government guidelines around COVID-19 to deliver events in a safe manner. The methods and processes are as follows.


You are encouraged to wear a mask while indoors or onsite at our events or at our sessions as an extra precaution. We will have spare masks on hand if yours becomes lost or damaged or you have forgotten one.


As you will be sharing a space (indoors or outdoors) with people you do not know, we will ask you to maintain a one metre social distance (when possible) between yourself and others while attending our events.

What additional ongoing measures is the Trust taking?

The Trust is taking additional measures to protect the health of our community and staff. These include:  

  • All of our staff, volunteers, partners, and suppliers will be fully vaccinated for the protection of your whānau.
  • Our team will be wearing a facial covering during events, where practical.
  • A clean of the venue after each event/session will ensure the site is safe for you and your whānau.
  • Sanitisation stations will be available throughout the venue.

If you feel unwell please stay home and contact the free healthline on 0800 358 5453. 

We appreciate your support and understanding as we continue to navigate these uncertain times.

The Board of STEM Wana Trust